EFN -The Engineering Forum of Nigerians (UK) was formed in 2004 as the premier professional association in the UK for UK-based engineering professionals of Nigerian descent and others with demonstrable interest in the development of engineering as a profession in Nigeria. At it’s inception EFN-UK received the encouragement and support of the Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK at the time – Dr. Christopher Kolade CON. At its start-up, membership comprised engineering practitioners, the academic community including researchers, lecturers and students, and allied built environment and business professionals.

Since 2004, EFN (UK) has held several events, networking activities, recruitment seminars, and exhibitions etc. which have featured various Nigerian and international professional bodies and organisations. Our flagship event is the annual Spring Event which is an international conference that brings together various stakeholders involved in the planning, research and development, design, implementation, financing and use of engineered systems and facilities.


These events focus on issues relevant to the development of key industries and sectors that add value to the Nigerian economy. They provide an excellent platform to highlight initiatives to promote job creation, capacity building, and to offer strategic advice on policies to attract foreign investment into Nigeria.

Tangible prospects: EFN will continue to engage with forward thinking engineers, developers, investors and authorities to further ensure that those in the skilled profession are able to exploit developing technology and access to innovation in a bid to extending new methods and technology back to africa - speciofically Nigeria where there is a wealth of young engineers eager to train and develop their skills on par with western standards of delivery, research and application.


Every year we propose membership targets and introduce platforms to further engage engineers residing in the UK and those back in nigeria. EFN provides the bridge to close such gaps. it will also be a source of career or business development in the engineering sector.


EFN is an open society, an organisation that encourages opinion, suggestions, topical debate and actionable activity.