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The Engineering Forum of Nigerians is an all inclusive body and The EFN is pleased to inform our members that they can now get COREN registered through the EFN in the UK provided they meet the criteria. The criteria for automatic registration is that the person is a registered Chartered Engineers with The Engineering Council [UK], a Corporate member of a registered professional organisation in the UK and a full member of the Engineering Forum of Nigerians in the UK,

COREN is a professional body that regulate and control training and practice of engineering in Nigeria. It also ensure and enforce the registration of all engineering professional and consulting firms wishing to practice and engage in the practice of engineering.

EFN have established a link with COREN for the registration of their members who wish to become a member to enable them to work and practise in Nigeria. The procedure for registration is as follows:.

Members’ requirements:

  • Expression of interest to EFN Secretariat

  • Minimum duration of paid-up EFN membership of 12 months.

  • A registered member of Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE.

  • Download and complete COREN application form (COREN site

  • Return form to EFN Secretariat for checking and submission to COREN office with appropriate fee and documents listed below.

  • A degree or Higher Certificate from accredited institution

  • Relevant experience report (report length check COREN website)

  • Appropriate professional qualification for example Chartered Engineer status

  • All above document will have to be submitted for verification by EFN.

All enquiries before/after submission should be directed to EFN COREN co-ordinator through the secretariat. COREN co-ordinator will advise candidates of interview date – after liaison with COREN registrar.

It is absolutely imperative therefore, if candidates wishes to travel or are unable to attend the interview, to inform the secretariat in advance after submission date. The secretariat will organise the venue and time of the interview.

EFN Recommendations:

A minimum of 12 candidates are require for each interview process to take place.

EFN and COREN have the right refuse applicant and/or cancel the interview at short notice.

It is recommended that the payment for registration should be confirmed with the co-ordinator

The interview will take place annually in June, members interested in using this service must have all their paper work completed and submitted by the end of March. There is likely to be a fee to cover the cost of this service, this will be fixed by the EFN Executive Council.

The payment made by candidates will cover;

  • The cost of travel and hosting of COREN registrar during interview

  • Upon satisfactory registration, the cost of first registration with COREN

  • Associated cost of interview venue.

The above recommendations may differ annually.

Yours sincerely,

Engr. Dapo Sulu

COREN/EFN Coordinator

Engineering Forum of Nigerians (UK)

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