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Our aims

To provide a forum for Nigerians Engineers based in the UK for the purpose of promoting and influencing Engineering development in all its ramifications in Nigeria ;

To promote the development and mentoring of young people from the Black and Ethnic Minority Groups as well as all other persons with interest in the field of engineering in the UK;

To promote any other charitable purpose within the UK, Europe and worldwide in support of the objects.


Our mission at EFN

To promote the exchange of ideas and engineering knowledge and networking opportunities among Nigerian engineers in the UK and abroad;

To contribute to and influence engineering development in Nigeria;

To promote, encourage and support the development of engineering skills among young people in Nigeria & the UK; and among young people from the minority groups, as well as all other persons with an interest in the field of engineering;

To co-operate with and complement the activities of the appropriate professional bodies in Nigeria, in the UK and any other country in promoting engineering development;

To recognise our responsibilities for the environment by promoting sustainable engineering development in Nigeria.

EFN’s primary objective is to influence the development of engineering in Nigeria in all its ramifications. We work closely with the mainstream engineering professional bodies in Nigeria including the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) in various initiatives to influence the development of engineering in Nigeria. ​

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